Spotlight On - Whitegates Woolton

Whitegates bauble
14 December 2020
Spotlight On - Whitegates Woolton

For the past few years, we have had the pleasure of working with the Woolton branch of national estate agency, Whitegates, providing Christmas baubles to be gifted to their clients in their new homes.

Whitegates are specialists in property and lettings based in the Midlands, North of England, and North Wales. Initially found in 1978, the Woolton branch have been located in Woolton Village for over 35 years with a focus on sales and property management across South Liverpool. Whitegates Woolton is one of almost 40 branches across the North of the UK, all of which focus on providing local expertise in order give prospective home buyers the best possible advice. This allows buyers to have every possible question answered; from parks, schools, and workplaces, to local hotspots and hidden gems.

Whitegates Baubles

Whitegates pride themselves on their reputation for having a friendly team and welcoming atmosphere, and nowhere is this better exemplified than at Christmas. Each year, we provide Whitegates Woolton with personalised Christmas Baubles, in partnership with our sister company, LoveGifts. These baubles are gifted to new homeowners to help them celebrate their first Christmas in their new Whitegates home.

This year marks the fourth year that we have provided these baubles for the Woolton branch, and we think they’re the perfect way to welcome happy clients into their new home. Our Christmas baubles measure at 65mm in diameter and are digitally printed and the hardened in a kiln oven. This provides them with a bauble that will last any new homeowner for many more Christmases, and that is the perfect finishing touch to any Christmas Tree.


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