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  1. Individual Rectangle Stickers

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  2. Individual Square Stickers

    Prices from £0.09

  3. Original Logobugs

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  4. Value Twist Ballpen

    Prices from £0.25

  5. Promo Beaver Logobugs

    Prices from £0.26

  6. Contour Argent Ballpen

    Prices from £0.27

  7. Recessed Silicone Wristband

    Prices from £0.29

  8. Button Badges

    Prices from £0.33

  9. 6pc Wax Crayons

    Prices from £0.33

  10. Multi Coloured Silicone Wristband

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  11. Recycled Trolley Coin

    Prices from £0.36

  12. Book Eraser

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Promotional giveaways are an excellent opportunity for promoting your brand and increasing your presence, from balloons and badges to logo bugs and lip balms. promotional products to attract and retain customers for decades. Whether they are being used to promote your brand, an event, or just to get your name into the public conscience, promotional products for company giveaways are guaranteed to grab attention, from increasing client engagement, to maintaining a corporate presence with future customers. In fact, customers will often keep promotional products for an average of 8 months – plenty of time to keep your brand at the front of their mind. Our wide selection of branded giveaways, from silicon bands to stress relievers, to fridge magnets and fidget spinners are guaranteed to catch the eye of any prospective clients. We also supply a variety of digitally printed products including flyers, leaflets, brochures and booklets, which are perfect for handing directly to customers, adding to gift bags, or company mailings.

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Here at UKPrinting, we are specialists at digital print and promotions, and can now display our wide range of products in a custom catalogue made for your brand. This catalogue is a great way to view your brand on a wide range of our promotional products from tissues to toys. With a fast turnaround time and stunning quality, our catalogues are a great way to find the perfect products to suit your brand, and to reflect your brand’s message.