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Promotional Pens

At UKPrinting, we offer a massive selection of promotional pens to suit not only your brand image, but also your customer’s needs. From our low cost, high impact classic plastic pens, to our premium personalised pen sets and branded promotional pens such as the Charles Dickens pen sets and our Parker pens. In order for us to best cater for your needs, we offer a series of pens with short run lengths and quick lead times, perfect for one-off event giveaways, or limited-edition corporate gifts. For the perfect brand message, you can send in your own artwork to be printed onto your chosen pen, or alternatively, our expert in-house design team can help to create eye-catching designs to perfectly compliment your company style. All of our products can be easily shipped throughout the UK either to your premises, or direct to your event, for a quick and affordable promotional product.

Why are pens perfect for your promotional campaign?

Promotional pens are a great way to ensure that you are spreading brand awareness with every word that your customers write. Our pens and pencils are a budget-friendly, yet versatile way to ensure that your brand image is consistently in front of your customers and clients. A pen is highly functional as it will likely be used on a daily basis for anything from making meeting notes, to signing off orders and contracts, or even to jotting down a shopping list, this gives your brand prolonged awareness, with most promotional pens having a lifespan of around 9 months. The perfectly printed pen is a lightweight promotional solution that is easy for your customers to carry around and is always on hand for them if, and when, they need it.

With environmental awareness on the rise, and consumers on the lookout for plastic free products and environmentally friendly options, we are pleased to offer a range of eco-friendly pens made of environmentally conscious materials such as recycled plastic, paper, or bamboo. This perfectly suits businesses with environmental policies and is especially important considering 51% of consumers looked more favourable on environmentally friendly promotional products.



Environmentally friendly pens are the perfect promotional product for environmentally conscious companies, and their clients. Our pens are available in a wide range of materials, from recycled plastic that save on raw material use, to sustainably sourced bamboo pens. Research conducted by ASI also shows that on average, 51% of consumers feel more positive about a company if their promotional products are environmentally friendly.


Plastic Pens

Plastic Pen

Our wide range of promotional plastic pens are a great budget-friendly option for any marketing campaign. From corporate giveaways, to office merchandise, branded plastic pens are an economical way to ensure that your brand is seen by customers, clients, and employees. Plastic is a cost-effective and versatile material to work with, offering a greater range of design possibilities to help make your pen stand out against competitors.


Metal Pens

Metal PensMetal pens are a stylish and effective way to upgrade your brand from traditional plastic to a more elevated style. Metal pens are incredibly popular as executive gifts and giveaways for conferences, with the high-quality material and print delivering maximum impact and great rewards. Whether you’re handing them out at trade shows, gifting them to valued customers, or using them within the company itself, they’re a perfect product for long-lasting and great looking brand promotion.


Full Colour Pens

Full Colour PenThe ideal solution for brands with colourful or intricate logos, full colour pens use digital printing technology to print your brand graphics and even photographs for a more cohesive brand image. We use a range of different printing methods to attain the perfect style to reflect your company colours and style. This includes using digital printing, and printed barrels wraps to create a bright and vibrant colour that stands out amidst any pen pot.



As well as our huge range of plastic and low-cost metal promotional pens, we also laser engrave luxury branded pens inhouse. It might be that you wish to treat your customers to an engraved pen gift set with their name carefully engraved on the barrel. Or you might want to laser engrave your company logo onto a more premium quality pen. We can happily provide either solution and we also despatch to multiple UK addresses so you don't have to get involved with the time consuming process of posting all your personalised pens out to customers. As well as engraving promotional pens for our corporate customers, we also engrave premium quality B2C pen orders via our sister personalisation site BoutiqueGifts. 

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