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Eco-Friendly Merchandise

With such a high focus on sustainability and protecting the planet, eco-friendly branded merchandise is an excellent way to promote your brand while showing how your business is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Products made from recycled materials and earth-friendly production methods are an effective and responsible way to show that your company is keen to promote sustainability. Eco-friendly promotional products can be used as thoughtful branded gifts for employees, customers, and associates to share your brand message in a responsible way. 

What kind of eco-promotional products are there?

From reusable drinkware and sustainable printed t-shirts to biodegradable paper products and straws, there are many eco-merchandise options available to choose from. Sustainable promotional products are not only practical and functional but also send a message of care and consideration for the environment. Also, using eco-promotional products helps to promote your brand as socially responsible and conscious of the impact that your choices have on the environment. Sustainable eco-products can be used for a variety of purposes, such as trade shows, events, and in the office or workplace. 


Sip your favourite beverage from one of our eco-friendly drinkware options including reusable tumblers and recycled coffee mugs. Each can be personalised or branded with a company logo and will look great in the workshop or office. These items are a great way to replace single-use plastics and promote sustainability in the office or distribute to customers.


Bags are the ideal way to promote your business and show the world that you care about the environment. Totes and carriers made from recycled materials are an excellent way to create sustainable branded bags. Our eco-friendly bags can be printed with your logo and brand message and provide a stylish alternative to single-use plastic alternatives. Bags are great promotional items for trade shows and conventions.

Writing Instruments

Writing instruments might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a sustainable product but biodegradable or recycled pens and pencils are a great eco-friendly option for writing tools. Our environmentally friendly pens are made from natural products like wheat straw and bamboo, and we personalise them with your business message for a practical and sustainable gift. Our eco-friendly pens can be printed with your company logo and are a great way to promote your brand at business events.

Paper Products

Recycled and eco-friendly paper products such as notepads and journals are a great way to reduce the environmental impact of paper products. Our branded sustainable notebooks can display your business logo and information and are small enough to slip into a backpack or briefcase for easy transportation.


Single-use plastic straws wreak havoc with the ocean and replacing them with a reusable straws provides a great eco-friendly alternative. Environmentally conscious organisations can use single, folding, or straw sets to promote their brand and align it with environmental causes. They make great handouts and giveaway gifts at promotional events and your clients will appreciate your commitment to the environment. 


Display security or ID information clearly with lanyards made from organic cotton and earth-friendly bamboo. With secure fastenings, our eco lanyards can firmly clip to a card or badge and are great for identifying staff members at business fairs or conventions. Print with your business logo and create a unified look across your team.


Give colleagues, clients, and employees a tasty and eco-friendly treat with colourful confectionery. Sweets and candy make great thank-you gifts or they can just be kept on hand around the office for visitors to snack on. Print your full-colour logo and make a sweet treat while promoting sustainability.


Staff names, security, or identification, badges have a multitude of uses and with our eco-friendly badges, you can display needed information in an environmentally conscious manner. Made from natural materials like wood and bamboo, our badges are durable, reusable, and better for the environment than plastic badges. Use them for team members, colleagues, and visitors.


Coasters are a highly affordable and versatile promotional product. With a selection of sizes, shapes, and materials, designs can be selected that align with your brands. Add your company logo and information with our full-colour printing process to make attractive promotional merchandise. Coasters are made from a selection of natural and recycled materials. 

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