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Promotional Water Bottles

At UKPrinting, we offer a massive selection of promotional water bottles to suit not only your brand image, but also your customer’s needs. From our low cost, bottled water, to our premium insulated metal bottles. For the perfect brand message, you can send in your own artwork to be printed onto your chosen bottle, or alternatively, our expert in-house design team can help to create eye-catching designs to perfectly compliment your company style. All of our products can be easily shipped throughout the UK either to your premises, or direct to an event, for a quick and affordable promotional product.

Printed water bottles are a great way to ensure that you are spreading brand awareness with every sip that your customers take. Our branded water bottles are a useful and versatile way to ensure that your brand image is consistently in front of your customers and clients. A custom printed water bottle is highly functional as it will likely be used on a regular basis, whether it is sat on your client’s desk, carried with them between meetings, or they’re simply taking it to the gym with them after work. This gives your brand prolonged awareness, with most promotional bottles having a lifespan of around 12 months. The perfectly printed water bottle is a practical promotional solution that is easy for your customers to carry around and is always on hand for them if, and when, they need it.

With environmental awareness on the rise, consumers are on the lookout for reusable products and environmentally friendly options. This is shown by the increase in the number of consumers that are purchasing their own reusable water bottles, with one in five purchasing in the space of 12 months. Our extensive range of water bottles are made with reusable materials, including BPA-free plastic, metal, wood and glass. Alongside the environmental benefit of reusable bottles, they are also a great giveaway from a general health and wellbeing perspective, and as such they are especially perfect for the fitness industry.

So, why are promotional sports bottles rising in popularity?

Water bottles with your logo are an excellent choice for a practical promotional item, and with people drinking an average of 13.5 cups a day, they are guaranteed to be in use, whether that’s in the office, at an event, or even in the home. This makes a promotional bottle the perfect, cost-effective, item for sending out to clients or potential clients, and our wide selection of styles guarantees that you can send out the best bottle to suit your brand. From our economical BPA-free sports bottles, to our gym-friendly protein shakers, and fruit infuser bottles, we use a range of materials to tailor the look and feel of the bottle to match your brand image. We also offer a range of specialty bottle styles for a more striking effect, from our foldable water bottles to our insulated bottles.

Sports Bottles

Our wide range of promotional sports bottles are a great option for a wide range of budgets. From corporate giveaways, to office merchandise, branded sports bottles are an economical way to ensure that your company name is seen by customers, clients, and employees. Plastic is a cost-effective and versatile material to work with, offering a greater range of designs and styles to help make your brand stand out. Our bottles are also available in a wide selection of lid styles, from carabiner clips to suit outdoor brands, to sporty spouts.

Metal Water Bottles

Our promotional metal water bottles are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious businesses. These reusable water bottles are perfect for a wide range of industries, whether they are being used as premium gifts and giveaways for clients or are being used by members of staff. Metal bottles are significantly more durable than standard plastic bottles, which further improves their environmental credentials, as they have a significantly longer expected lifespan.

Fruit Infuser Bottles

Fruit Infuser bottles are the perfect way to treat your customers to something a little bit different to a standard water bottle. Our fruit infuser bottles use a variety of infusion methods, from our strainer style bottle, to those with a fruit infuser basket, making them perfect for a wide range of preferences. Our top tip for the best fruit flavoured water is to add your fruit in the evening alongside some warm water, then to refrigerate overnight. In the morning, simply give your bottle a shake and enjoy your super fruity water.

Protein Shakers

Our range of protein shaker bottles are ideal for the health and fitness industries and are an excellent way to align your business with such a distinctly athletic product. Each of our shakers come complete with either a mixing maze ball, or a mixing sieve to ensure the perfect distribution of powder to liquid, and many also include an external measuring guide. These bottles are perfectly design for use during exercise, with an easy-grip shape for comfort and spill-free drinking.

Foldable Water Bottles

Our range of foldable water bottles are by far our most convenient. Each bottle is easy to fold up and store in a bag, lunchbox, or even a pocket, and is equally easy to unfold and refill, making them significantly more appealing to customers and prospective customers. These water bottles are also very transportable, making them perfect for trade shows and event giveaways, and any other form of on-the-go promotional marketing.

Bottled Water

Promotional bottled water is by far our most economical option for branded hydration, offering a wide range of disposable drinking possibilities. Our classic branded water is available in either recyclable plastic bottles, or in a high-quality glass bottle, all of which contain mineral water sourced from British springs and are available in a range of sizes. Branded bottled water is a great promotional product for outdoor marketing opportunities such as festivals and trade shows.

Insulated Bottles

Our premium insulated water bottles offer all of the environmental benefits of standard metal water bottles, but with the addition of double walled copper insulation to allow them to hold hot drinks as well as cold. These are perfect for commuters and are more likely to become a mainstay in their daily routines due to their versatility. This also means that these bottles are perfect giveaways regardless of the season, as they help to keep cool drinks cold in the summer and help to retain the heat of warm drinks in the winter.

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