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  1. Plastic Whistle

    Prices from £0.34

  2. Card Magnifying Glass

    Prices from £0.36

  3. Soft 40mm PVC Keyring

    Prices from £0.53

  4. T-Shirt Keyrings

    Prices from £0.60

  5. Stress Trainer Keyring

    Prices from £0.66

  6. Stress Cricket Ball Keyring

    Prices from £0.78

  7. Foldable Shirt Water Bottle

    Prices from £0.85

  8. Stress Football Keyring

    Prices from £0.87

  9. Metallic Fold Up Water Bottle

    Prices from £1.10

  10. Stress Golf Ball Keyring

    Prices from £1.18

  11. Stress Tennis Ball Keyring

    Prices from £1.20

  12. Stress Basketball Keyring

    Prices from £1.20

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Promotional Products for the Sports and Fitness Industry

Promotional giveaways are an excellent opportunity for promoting your brand, whether you’re a sports team, fitness centre, or even organising a race. Promotional products can drastically increase your presence, whether you’re producing team t-shirts, branded sports bottles, or even backpacks for sports gear, they are a great way for players and fans to show their team pride, and for customers to show off their association. Sports teams have used promotional merchandise to celebrate and expand their fanbase for decades, and now, in an age of rapidly increasing popularity for gyms and fitness studios, many companies within the fitness industry have also started to promote themselves through branded products. Whether they are being used to unite your user base, for an upcoming event, or just to get your name into the public conscience, promotional products for gyms and fitness studios are guaranteed to grab attention, from increasing client engagement, to maintaining a positive presence with future members. Brand loyalty is very strong within fitness circles, not only based on gym membership, but also sportswear and accessories, making promotional fitness products another great way to increase your brand visibility. Our wide selection of branded giveaways, from bottles to balls are guaranteed to catch the eye of any prospective fans, members, or users. We also supply a variety of digitally printed products including flyers, leaflets, and posters, which are perfect for handing directly to customers, adding to goody bags, or to advertise brand promotions.

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Here at UKPrinting, we are specialists at digital print and promotions, and can now display our wide range of products in a custom catalogue made for your brand. This catalogue is a great way to view your brand on a wide range of our promotional products from running tees to golf umbrellas. With a fast turnaround time and stunning quality, our catalogues are a great way to find the perfect products to suit your brand, and to reflect your brand’s message.