Promotional Products

Our Promotional Products 

If you want to know more about any of our promotional products, you can get in touch with our Nottingham based office by phone, email or by completing an enquiry form which features on every product page. Once your enquiry is received we have a team of six Account Managers who will happily advise on the best production methods, send you a quotation and assist with your artwork. They will also liaise with our Design Department to get a visual done for you to approve prior to production. All this is done very quickly and we always strive to accommodate delivery deadlines.

If your order quantity is reasonably large we will also request comparison prices from our European and Far East factories. This can sometimes add another day onto quoting response times due to time zone differences but if there is time available in the delivery schedule it can be beneficial to compare pricing as savings can sometimes be significant by printing larger orders abroad. 

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