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  1. 30X18X3 Carrier Bags

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  2. 215x110x250 Paper Tape Bags

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  3. 30X22X3 Carrier Bags

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  4. 320x140x420 Paper Tape Bags

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  5. 240x110x310 Paper Twist Bags

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  6. Syringe Ballpen

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  7. 320x140x420 Paper Twist Bags

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  8. 450x170x480 Paper Tape Bags

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  9. Koda Antibacterial Pen

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  10. 400x160x450 Paper Twist Bags

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  11. Single Pocket Mirror

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  12. Acrylic Magnets

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Promotional Health and Beauty Products

Promotional health and beauty products are an excellent way to build and reinforce your brand image through positive community engagement and a strong, consistent identity. Promotional healthcare giveaways are perfect for encouraging a sense of community, promoting a sense of brand loyalty, and enhancing public recognition. Our selection of branded beauty products, from bags and lip balm, to mugs and manicure sets, are perfect for creating and maintaining a cohesive and recognisable brand identity. These products are intrinsically useful to both staff and customers, whether they’re helping them to make a note of their favourite products, or using them to touch up on the go. As part of our range of creative beauty promotion ideas, we also offer digitally printed products including leaflets, flyers, and letterheads, to help create and preserve a solid brand identity. From smaller beauty brands, to national and worldwide titans of industry, our curated collection of branded products are designed with your staff, customers, and brand in mind.

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Here at UKPrinting, we are specialists at digital print and promotions, and can now display our wide range of products in a custom catalogue made for your brand. This catalogue is a great way to view your brand on a wide range of our promotional products from badges to brushes. With a fast turnaround time and stunning quality, our catalogues are a great way to find the perfect products to suit your brand, and to reflect your brand’s message.