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Promotional Stress Relievers

Stress relievers come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Some popular styles for personalised stress balls include sports balls, animals, and fruit. Custom stress balls can be made to resemble a specific product or shape and are made from a variety of materials, including foam, rubber, and squishy gel-like substances. The most popular style of stress reliever is the traditional ball shape which is available in a variety of sizes and colours. They are good for use as a branded or promotional product and can be customised with a company logo, design, or brand message. 

Personalised stress balls for business promotion

Promotional stress balls are a unique way to advertise a business or brand. For example, a garage or auto repair business, or a company that sells cars can have a stress reliever in the style of a truck or automobile. A company that sells produce or vegetable products can have stress balls made in the shape of fruit or vegetables. Due to their lightweight and small size, stress balls are great to use as promotional items at trade shows or given away as gifts to customers, and can be made to match the organisation's brand colours.

Sport Stress Relievers

Companies that own or wish to promote a sports brand can do so with sport stress relievers in the form of footballs, tennis balls, or other sporting items. They can make a cool promotional tool for sports teams or companies that sell sports equipment. With desk style and keyring option, personalised stress balls can be used as giveaways at games or events, or sold in team merchandise stores.

Seasonal Stress Relievers

Seasonal stress relievers such as a Christmas tree, Easter egg, or a heart stress reliever can be a fun way to promote a business during the corresponding holidays. Print your logo onto a seasonal stress reliever and give it to clients as a promotional gift, or hand it out to visitors at conventions and trade shows.

Industry Stress Relievers

Branded stress balls can be designed to align with specific businesses or particular industries. can be a great way to promote a business in that industry. Our stress balls come in the shape of work tools or traffic cones that can be branded with your logo and used to give clients a reminder of the services offered by your company. Advertise your services while reducing stress.

Fruit and Veg Stress Relievers

Fruit and veg stress relievers make the ideal corporate gift for anyone involved in the food service or product supply industry. Squeeze the stress away with a stress tomato or a stress lemon and design a fun personalised desk accessory or exciting promotional gift. Stress balls are available as handheld or keyring versions add your branding and make a great promotional giveaway gift. 

Transport Stress Relievers

Transport stress relievers come in a range of styles including trucks, cars, and vans. These colourful customised stress balls will look great in the office or on a client’s desk and are an excellent way to advertise your business. Customise them with your company information and logo, and promote your services. They are a great marketing tool for anyone in the transportation, logistics, or automotive industry.

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