UKPrinting - Imports Made Easy

On many of our product pages, we have included a Chinese and European flag. This shows guide prices and minimum quantities for printing the product outside of the UK. This tends to be for larger orders and the price and lead time displayed is only a guide due to currency fluctuations and available production capacity. The price can be slightly more than shown but equally it can work out less - we will simply tailor every quotation to the customers bespoke requirements.  It may be the case that certain products, for example printed carrier bags are more competitively produced in Europe than China due to freight costs but we will supply costs and lead times for both options and make our customers aware of the best manufacturing options. 






We have built up trustworthy suppliers located in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and India.  We also collect and deliver a wide range of consignments throughout the UK and most of Europe. When the order quantity and lead time is workable we can manage the entire process for our customers and bring the finished product into our Nottinghamshire based warehouse either for storage or distribution to multiple UK sites.  We provide both air freight and sea freight. Our professional sea freight services have containers departing/arriving weekly with part loads arriving at all international ports. Our air freight service offers a cost effective way of receiving an urgent part load from the Far East while the main shipment is sent via sea. Our air freight service is fast, reliable and cost-effective.