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Branded Health and Wellness

With an increased focus on health and wellness in recent years, branded hygiene products have become more important for brands. Items like branded face masks, branded sanitiser, and branded PPE have turned common, everyday items into a prime marketing opportunity. With versatile printing processes, things like face masks can be branded and turned into promotional items that support wellness and share your company information at the same time. Using health and hygiene products for marketing purposes also demonstrates your company’s commitment to your customers and public health.  

Branded Health and Wellness for Business Marketing  

Products like branded hand sanitiser and face masks saw huge demand during Covid, but it's not just the pandemic that has driven the increased sales. A raised awareness of health and things like environmental pollutants and air quality means that people have been more protective of their health. Hygiene products and personal care items make considerate and health-conscious promotional items. Many customers appreciate finding a face mask or a small bottle of sanitiser in a giveaway bag, and it shows that your company is concerned with health and issues around the transmission and contraction of germs, pollutants, and viruses.  

Branded First Aid Kits 

One of the best health and safety items that you can use to promote your business is a customised first aid kit. Branded PPE and first aid kits for the car or office make superb marketing items which can be used as part of a corporate giveaway or sent to customers as a gift. Events like conventions or trade shows provide a great opportunity for sharing branded first aid kits with visitors and guests.  

Branded Face Masks 

Branded face masks are a great way to display your business information. Masks have the benefit of being on display all the time they are worn and are used by doctors and those in the healthcare profession. Outside of medical applications, face masks are often used by those who wish to avoid air contamination and things like fumes so items like reusable face masks or snood can be great for marketing purposes. 

Branded Personal Care 

Choose from our large selection of personal care items and add your custom logo to lip balm, mirrors, and manicure sets. Small items make a great addition to gift packs and can be used to hand out at trade shows and other events. Larger items can be useful to promote health and wellness in your own premises or office spaces.  

Branded Hand Sanitiser 

Our super versatile hand sanitisers can be personalised with your business branding to increase exposure. Choose from keyring sanitisers, card sanitisers, and pen sanitisers to make a practical and useful promotional gift. These items are great to market your business and can be given out to visitors, customers, and guests at all kinds of business meetings and corporate events.  

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