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  1. Latex 12 Inch Balloons

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  2. Small Plastic Cards 54 x 30mm

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  3. Square (220 x 220mm) Envelopes

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  4. Car Air Fresheners

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  5. Microfibre Wheel Nut Bag

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  6. Recycled Credit Card Ice Scraper

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  7. Electra Ballpen

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  8. Dhaka LED Keyring

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  9. Cabot Plastic Ice Scraper

    Prices from £0.82

  10. Standard 4.5mm Corked Base Square Coaster

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  11. Beckett Plastic Ice Scraper

    Prices from £1.00

  12. Tyre Gauge Keyring

    Prices from £1.05

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Promotional Products for the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry has been using branded car maintenance products and promotional products to attract and retain customers for decades. Whether they are being used to promote the brand or dealership, or if they are being used by individual sales representatives, they are an excellent way to get your name out there and keep your brand in the mind of the customer. Promotional products for car dealers instantly get your business and purpose across in a way that is both useful to your customers and reinforces your brand, whether they are being used to welcome clients into the dealership, attached to their new set of car keys, or are handed over as a free gift for them to take on their travels. Our wide selection of promotional giveaways for car dealers, from travel mugs and car kits, to pens, pencils and even air fresheners, are intrinsically useful to your clients, and they are sure to use them whilst they’re driving in their new car. We also supply a variety of digitally printed products including flyers, leaflets, brochures and booklets, which are perfect for mailing or office use. From internationally renowned clients to independent companies, we have a wealth of experience providing high quality car dealership promotional items for car dealerships and the automotive industry.

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Here at UKPrinting, we are specialists at digital print and promotions, and can now display our wide range of products in a custom catalogue made for your brand. This catalogue is a great way to view your brand on a wide range of our promotional products from snow shovels to sunshades. With a fast turnaround time and stunning quality, our catalogues are a great way to find the perfect products to suit your brand, and to reflect your brand’s message.