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Printed Carrier Bags

Here at UKPrinting, we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of printed carrier bags online, ranging from fully recyclable paper bags and compostable bags to short run express plastic carrier bags. We also offer a range of increasingly popular long-lasting 'bag for life' shoppers and jute bags as well as smart and functional promotional laptop bags. For customers that don’t wish to commit to a large number of bags, we offer small run lengths for both printed plastic carrier bags and over-printing paper carrier bags from stock. We are able to produce as little as 100 paper bags overprinted with basic logos to 500 printed polythene carrier bags, perfect for one-off events. Meanwhile, our in-house design studio can help you to create an excellent and eye-catching design, or alternatively, you can send in your own artwork for printing. We also offer fast turnarounds and can easily ship UK-wide to your premises, or even direct to your event, making our printed bags the ideal quick, affordable, and effective promotional product.

*We were proud to help Age UK Camden with their coronavirus emergency appeal. This Charity has done an incredible job to help vulnerable people at a time of need.


What makes carrier bags the perfect promotional product?

A brilliant blend of practicality and promotion, carrier bags are an excellent way to get your branding out there onto the city streets, and into the homes of your clients and potential clients. With 73% of consumers owning a promotional bag, it’s clear that they are a tried and tested method for increasing company and brand awareness. Whether they’re filled with additional promotional products, being handed out at trade shows, or simply being used in the retail industry, a well-made bag can be incredibly versatile, and is an excellent way to build brand awareness, with a standard carrier bag garnering an average of 3300 impressions! The right printed bag not only attracts the attention of the owner, but also that of everyone that sees them carrying it, thus increasing the brands audience with minimal effort. An attractive and sturdy bag is also likely to be kept and reused in the future, with a standard promotional bag having a lifespan of 11 months, massively increasing your visibility.

With environmental awareness on the rise, and consumers on the lookout for plastic free products and environmentally friendly options, our wide range of carrier bags are the perfect promotional solution. All our plastic bags are made using either degradable materials, or 100% recyclable materials, including potato starch, sugar cane, and paper. This perfectly suits environmentally conscious businesses and is especially important considering 51% of consumers looked more favourable on environmentally friendly promotional products.

Personalised Paper Bags


We offer a wide variety of environmentally conscious personalised paper carrier bags, from our standard Paper Tape Handle and Paper Twist Handle Bags, to our durable Rope Handle Bags, and our striking yet secure Kraft Paper Mailing Bags. Our customised paper carrier bags are made from high-quality kraft paper that ranges from 80gsm to 230gsm for out premium quality bags. Our range of paper bags are perfect for every aspect of business, from mailing, to takeaways and giftshops, and even to high end luxury brands looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to traditionally glossy bags. All of our paper bags personalised with your logo can be easily recycled and are made from fully biodegradable and sustainable kraft paper, helping to promote your brand, whilst also showing corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness.


Plastic Carrier Bags

PlasticCarrierOur range of high quality, affordable plastic carrier bags are the perfect branding solution for trade events and retail. Our plastic bags are the most cost effective way to get your brand on show and, with prices starting at just 5p per bag, you are sure to find the perfect bag for your company’s style and budget. To help you showcase your brand effectively, we offer a wide range of size options, and a variety of colour choices to help complement your company colours. Some of our bags can even be pantone matched for brand consistency. All our plastic bags are made from either Bio Poly, or from a recyclable plastic alternative. For heavy duty purposes, such as carrying larger brochures or a greater load, we also have a range of stronger bags including our Patch Handle, Flexiloop, and Heavy Duty Carrier Bags.

Eco Friendly Bags

EcoFriendlyWe have carefully curated our collection of eco friendly bags to feature our best bags for the environmentally conscious. To help you make the best choice for both your business, and the environment, we have split our bags into three categories; compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Each bag has it’s own environmentally friendly properties, giving you the chance to choose which is best suited to you. Our Potato Starch Carrier Bags are 100% compostable and are great for home composting or for easy disposal in household garden or food waste. Meanwhile, our wide range of Paper Bags are both recyclable, and biodegradable. For a more long lasting solution, we have some excellent fabric bags such as our Cotton Bags and Jute Bags which  have a long lifespan for reuse.

Rope Handle Bags

RopeHandleRope Handle Bags are some of our most durable gift-style bags, with strong cotton handle for a comfortable grip. These bags are available as either fully recyclable kraft paper and cotton bags, or as glossy laminated bags which are great for luxury retail use. Our laminated bags are particular favourites with our customers due to their reusability, with most clients retaining and reusing the bag over and over again, therefore boosting the brand’s visibility and potentially inspiring future purchases.


ShopperWe offer a wide range of high-quality shopper style bags, from our economical Two Tone Shopper, to our Full Colour Tote Bag and foldable Scrunchy Shopper. The popularity of our shopping bags has risen exponentially since the introduction of the government charge on plastic carrier bags at supermarkets. Customers are now more likely to use branded shopping bags on a regular basis, helping to spread brand awareness at the same time. These bags are excellent for a wide range of occasions, from trade show giveaways to stylish retail bags, and can be printed on both sides to guarantee maximum exposure. Our folding Scrunchy Shoppers are particularly well received as they can be easily slipped inside a handbag ready for use at any time, making them great for a promotional giveaway.

Cotton Shoppers

ShopperOur branded cotton shoppers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a strong, versatile, and environmentally friendly way to promote your brand. The bags in this range are all made from 100% cotton, and are therefore fully recyclable and biodegradable. These bags make for great tradeshow giveaway items, and are likely to get the same repeated use as a traditional shopper with the added environmental benefits. These bags are also available in a range of shapes and styles from our Mini Cotton Bag and Foldable Shoppers, to our Long Handled and Short Handled options.

Jute bags

JuteShopperOur Jute bags are another example of a great environmental alternative to a traditional shopper. Jute is a hard wearing material made from vegetable fibres that is recyclable and biodegradable. As a fabric, jute is also extremely durable and great for carrying heavier items, guaranteeing a life of reuse. These bags are great for promotional giveaways, or as gifts for valued customers as they are easily customisable and are sure to last. We are also able to produce short runs of as little as 100 for selected bags, making them the perfect choice for limited time giveaways.

Drawstring Bags

DrawstringDrawstring bags are excellent for promotional giveaways at tradshows, or for schools, sports events, and retail stores. This style of bag is an extremely efficient way to promote your business as it is practical and lightweight, meaning that your clients can easily carry it whilst going about the rest of their day. Drawstring bags are also designed to be very durable, allowing them to be reused regularly, and allowing for maximum brand exposure. We have selected a wide range of styles to provide your brand with the best bag to fit with your identity, from our high visibility reflecting bags to our 100% cotton bags and even our full colour polyester bag.

Laptop Bags

LaptopFor the perfect corporate gift, our excellent range of laptop and tablet bags are a great way to show a valued customer your appreciation. With the rise of the mobile office, many workers are constantly carrying their valuable electronics throughout the city, making the safety of those items a priority. Our branded laptop bags are the perfect way to make sure that thousands of fellow commuters are being exposed to your brand identity on a daily basis, whilst also demonstrating to your client that your brand is safe and dependable. These bags are also excellent for use within your own company, providing a cohesive company message, particularly for sales team members that may be taking their bag with them when they meet with clients. We offer a collection of protective bags for electronics, from slim laptop and tablet sleeves, to shoulder bags and backpacks that are made to support and protect laptops whilst also carrying the rest of your working essentials. Our Laptop Backpacks and Laptop Trolleys have even been specially designed to be suitable for airport hand luggage allowances, and for ease of use in security checks.

Mailing Bags

Mailing BagsOur range of custom printed mailing bags are increasingly popular with ecommerce businesses looking to provide their customers with striking yet secure mailings. Our printed polythene bags use a strong 62.5 micron co-extruded polythene with a peel and seal adhesive strip to provide and safe and efficient closure. These bags are also tear and water resistant, making them particularly popular for sending out textiles, electronics, and printed items. We also offer our brown kraft mailing bags which are a great plastic-free alternative to our traditional mailing bags. These bags come with a permanent adhesive strip for closure, and a large gusset for extra space, making them a great mailing option for environmentally conscious brands, including the clothing and gift markets. All of our mailing bags are also 100% recyclable, helping to support environmentally conscious business.

Flat Bottom Bags

Block Bottom

Our environmentally friendly flat bottom bags are made using strong 70gsm kraft paper which is ideal for carrying boxed products or food items. The block bottom design allows the bag to stand up when opened, whilst the strong 70gsm paper makes the bag suitable for more heavy duty uses than other paper counterparts. The paper material of these bags means that they are both recyclable and biodegradable, whilst their strength also allows for several uses. This is a cost-effective yet environmentally friendly way to promote your product to a range of customers and is great for use in retail.


RucksackFor a more heavy duty promotional bag, our range of rucksacks are a great choice, offering a selection of styles, from the budget polyester backpack, to our handy laptop backpack. These are a great way to spread brand awareness to a larger audiece, and make for the perfect moving advertisement, ensuring that your brand is on show throughout the day. Each of our backpacks have a range of features to suit your brand needs, from padded shoulder straps, to smartphone compartments and headphone ports. With spacious compartments for documents, books, and any other essentials, these backpacks are great for use as a promotional giveaway, particularly at schools, sports clubs, or fitness centres, but they are also great for commuters and travel enthusiasts. 

Shoulder/Messenger Bags

Shoulder BagsShoulder bags (or messenger bags) are one of the most effective ways to promote your brand, with a large print area and plenty of room to get creative, they are comfortable and convenient gift for customers, or for commuting staff members. These bags have plenty of space to suit your customers needs, whether they're avid gym-goers, hard-working students, or city commuters. These bags are a great way to help your clients carry their documents, electronics, or even general luggage, making for a great promotional giveaway with plenty of versatility. With a large variety of promotional shoulder bags available in a range of colours and style, you are sure to find the perfect bag to complement your brand.

Travel Bags

Travel Bags Branded travel bags are a great way to appeal to a wide audience, and are particularly effective for health, fitness, and of course, travel brands. These bags offer a large print area and come in a variety of styles to perfectly complement your brand. From our weekend duffle bag, to our faux leather travel bag, these are great promotional gifts that can both reward your customers, and spread your brand message everywhere they go. These bags are also great for employees, promoting a strong brand presence company-wide.

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