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Printed Tissue Paper

Our printed tissue paper is a great option for both online and brick and mortar retail stores. With a premium quality feel, it can help to provide the perfect finishing touch for luxury brands to use as part of their retail packaging. Printed tissue can also act as an ideal dust protector for delicate items such as ceramics, jewellery, gifts, and glass products. Our tissue is also a surprisingly cost-effective and stylish way of branding and packing your product, with a wide variety of styles, print options, and finishes to choose from to perfectly match your brand image.

From a design and branding perspective, printed tissue paper is an incredibly versatile product in terms of design options and styles. At the moment, we are seeing an increasing popularity of white tissue paper printed with a white logo providing a sleek and minimalist design which particularly suits luxury lifestyle brands. We have also printed a stunning gold logo onto white tissue for a popular cosmetics company, proving how well the white paper in particular can make colours pop. Alternatively, for a bolder and more striking design, we have also printed chequered and tartan tissue paper for a prominent clothing brand which is a great way to reinforce your brand image.

When purchasing printed tissue paper, there is a one-off initial cost to create the printing plates, however, once they are made the cost of reorders decrease significantly to make for a low-cost and effective way to improve the purchasing and unboxing experience. The standard sheet size for printed tissue paper is: 500x750mm but we can manufacture and cut it to almost any preferred size. 

Childrens Salon Tissue

Machine Glazed Tissue Paper (MG)

Machine Glazed printed tissue ('MG' for short) is widely used by brick and mortar retailers for wrapping their products at the counter is most common in the crockery and footwear sectors to help protect products from damage after purchase. Our machine glazed tissue paper is a cost-effective alternative to machine finished, as it is made from virgin pulp and is glazed on one side, although it can still be recycled after use. 

Jelly Tissue Paper

Machine Finished Tissue Paper (MF)

Machine Finished tissue or 'MF' is a crisp paper that features a matte finish on both sides. This professional finish and texture often lead to this being considered a better quality paper, and this style is typically preferred by  many leading brands such as Harrods, Selfridges, and Boots. Our range of MF tissue is also Acid- Free, this means that it has a neutral PH and won't  tarnish or damage the goods whilst they are wrapped up. This also makes it a favourite of jewellers and clothing retailers.


Reiss Tissue

Short Run Tissue Paper

Short run tissue paper is the perfect option for business looking to buy a small number of reams. For example, short run tissue is popular for special occasions such as sales, exhibitions, and launch events wherein brands are changing their packaging for a limited time or are giving away gift bags and promotional gifts. As well as producing tissue paper in volume, we can also offer a service for overprinting very small runs of bespoke branded tissue paper.



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