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Promotional Pencils

Usually in business, some kind of writing implement needs to be close at hand. Whether for signing documents or sketching plans, writing tools are in constant use. Branded pencils are popular promotional items and can be easily customised with a colourful logo or a business name. Branded pencils offer an eco-friendly alternative to pens and are easy to produce in large quantities, making them perfect for use as giveaway items or small client gifts. Our logo pencils can be designed to feature your brand logo and serve as a reminder for your business. Choose from push-button retractable pencils or traditional pencils and make a branded pencil to suit your needs.

Branded pencils for business promotion

Pencils used for promotional purposes can raise brand awareness for your business. A branded pencil sitting on a desk or in a pocket will be used constantly and keep your company name on display. As printed pencils are highly affordable they make excellent marketing items and can be given out at places like expositions or conventions. Having a business meeting? Set up a table with notebooks and custom-branded pencils so participants can take notes and give your event a consistent and professional look. Select from a choice of materials and add a full-colour logo to your custom pencil with colour printing or engraving.

Branded Metal Pencils

Resembling a pen more than a pencil, these stylish metal-barrelled writing implements make an elegant corporate gift. Metal pencils look attractive and professional and make an appropriate promotional gift for architects, engineers, and planners. Choose from push button and retractable twist pencils and always have a convenient writing or drawing tool on hand.

Branded Plastic Pencils

Super lightweight and easy to manufacture, plastic pencils make the perfect promotional giveaway. Add them to gift packs or goodie bags and use them to advertise your business with custom branding and logos. Ideal for giving to guests and visitors at trade shows, business seminars, or conventions to raise awareness of your brand.

Branded Recycled Pencils

Recycled pencils offer a fun and environmentally conscious alternative to other writing tools. Made from repurposed materials, these branded pencils are a great way to show that your business cares about the environment. Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability with earth-friendly logo pencils. Upload your own artwork and customise printed pencils for your brand.

Branded Rubber Pencils

For a look and feel that's a bit different add a rubber pencil to your marketing and promotional items. This flexible, bendy pencil can be twisted into all kinds of shapes, but will still be capable of writing. Its unusual shape will cause people to give it a second look, making it a fun and unique item to give away at conventions or trade shows. Add your brand message or logo and create a fun, novelty gift.

Branded Wooden Pencils

Stylish pencils made of natural wood are an elegant way to advertise your business. Wood pencils are great for use as promotional giveaways, and make a great way to show off your brand. Choose from single, traditional pencils, or select one of our pencil packs or colouring sets and customise with your business name and logo to make branded pencils for any business or corporate event.

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