rPET: What you Need to Know!

rPET: What you Need to Know!
24 August 2023
rPET: What you Need to Know!

With climate-change and increased awareness on sustainability, individuals and businesses are putting more importance on using sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. According to the IUCN, 14 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year, which impacts on marine life as well as contributing to climate change.  

Businesses can mitigate this impact by using and producing fewer products with single-use plastics and using other materials that don’t have such a negative impact on the environment, such as bamboo, cork, rPET and other eco-friendly materials. 

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate otherwise known as rPET is a plastic made from repurposed PET, often used by manufacturers to help meet sustainability targets. 

PET is wildley recyclable and used to make bottles, food packages and other containers that can be repurposed creating rPET, PCE and other plastics. These can be used to make new products reducing the amount ending up in landfill. rPET is made by taking PET plastic, shredding them into grains which can be left as they are or heated and turned into pellets for companies to use.

rPET has proven to be a versatile product being flexible and easily moulded. Here are a few examples of what it can be used for:

  • Food containers - trays, wrappers and drinks bottles
  • Fibre for inside pillows, duvets and dog beds.
  • Fibre for roof insulation.
  • Recycled clothing - activewear.

Benefits of rPET & Why to Choose it?

There are several benefits to rPET including:

  • Environmentally Friendly - rPET leaves a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to producing new plastics.
  • Durable - rPET is highly resistant to chemicals and heat making it ideal for food storage and heating in microwaves.
  • Cost effective - rPET has a low production cost using little water and energy. 

There are several environmental benefits when choosing rPET. Alongside this there are some excellent reasons why you should choose this material in manufacturing new products and when selecting products to purchase. 

rPET significantly reduces the amount of plastic which ends up in landfill and keeps already produced plastic in circulation. Choosing rPET products is a great way to support the recycling industry, helping to create a wider market for recycled plastics.

Promotional rPET Products

We have a range of rPET promotional products for your business. These are a great way to spread your brand message and promote sustainable materials. Here are some of our best sellers: 


rPET Drawstring bag
A promotional drawstring bag made from 210D rPET polyester with black rope handles and corners. This bag is available in 8 different colours and offers long lasting use ideal for gyms and schools. The bag has a large print area on the front and is available with 1-2 spot colour or full colour printing.

rPET Polyester Umbrella 
An 8 panel rPET polyester umbrella with plastic handle. This practical promotional product is a great choice for large events. We have this umbrella available in 4 different colours with up to 4 colour spot colour printing. 

Alberni rPET Ballpoint Pen
A ballpoint pen with a click action mechanism with a transparent barrel. The pen is made from recycled water bottles. We have this pen available in clear and blue plastic. You can add your logo to the barrel of the pen with 1-2 colour printing.

Arctic rPET Cooler Bag
An environmentally friendly branded cooler bag made from 700 rPET material. This is ideal for lunches or to be sold as merchandise, holding up to 6 330ml cans. The bag is available in white, black and blue and has a zip top and carry strap. You can have your branding printed in one position with 1 colour or full colour print.