Spotlight On - Fort Menswear

Fort Casuals White Paper Bags
28 September 2020
Spotlight On - Fort Menswear

Today our neighbouring county, Derbyshire, celebrates Derbyshire Day. To help celebrate, this week we are featuring one of our regular customers, Fort Menswear. The store was first founded in Ripley in 2017 and features a full range of lifestyle menswear. Here's what we did for them;

FORT Menswear was originally founded by Ben Storey and his fiancé, April in May of 2017. The shop stands in the heart of Ripley, a prominent town in the Amber Valley borough of Derbyshire, and is perfectly placed just off of the High Street. FORT features a wide range of luxurious menswear brands from the style and quality of Remus Uomo, to the Italian influences of Farah and Cavani. This makes FORT a one-stop-shop for any man that likes to dress well.

Fort Casuals Store Int

The store also holds other popular menswear names, including the British heritage brands of Ben Sherman and Marc Darcy, and the hand crafted quality that comes with fellow British brand, Mish Mash. The wide variety of deluxe designer menswear brands allows FORT Menswear to provide a full range of lifestyle wear, from casual tees and jeans, to fitted and tailored suits. After all according to FORT, 'dressing well is a form of good manners'.

FORT Casuals Bags

We regularly provide the brand with our white Paper Twist Carrier Bags, a great option both for their brand, and for the environment. Our paper twist carrier bags use high quality kraft paper and a strong, twisted paper handle for the perfect retail bag. The bags that we provide for FORT feature their strikingly simple and sleek design front and centre for an environmentally conscious option that is perfect to encourage repeat purchases and to help advertise the brand in the local area.