Express Service: Promotional Water Bottles

Express Service: Promotional Water Bottles
29 June 2023
Express Service: Promotional Water Bottles

Here at UK Printing we are extremely proud of our express service. Since launching in summer 2022, we have continued to expand our range to provide you with a wider selection of printed water bottles.

What is the Express Service?

Our express service is a range of promotional products produced in our Nottinghamshire based workshop. This range includes a mixture of products including mugs, water bottles, pens and so much more. Our customers can purchase these products in smaller quantities, with a fast turnaround and fully tracked express courier service. You can learn more about what our express service has to offer in another recent blog here.

Promotional Water Bottles

Our express range of water bottles includes 17 different varieties, with different colours, materials and lids available. Our range has grown extensively over the last few months with more products on their way in 2023. These are a great way to encourage hydration, reduce single use plastic and promote your company without breaking the bank. 

Everyone’s circumstances are different, you may be looking at bottles for an event, resale or as gifts for your employees. You could want something simple and practical like our 600ml stainless steel bottle with straw. This bottle has a built in straw making it easy to drink from on the go. Alternatively, our 500ml Topflask bottles are perfect to print white logos (due to these having a different coating), these are available in a range of colours including green, red and matt black.

Ideas for Branding a Water Bottle

You may be thinking of adding promotional water bottles to your marketing strategy but not sure how to make yours stand out. Our express water bottle range offers a variety of colours, styles and printing options including transfer, dye sublimation and laser engraving. You can also get creative with your positioning and layouts on our bottles. Our fantastic sales and design team are on hand to help you every step of the way.

Dye sublimation is the most popular way of adding your branding to our range of water bottles. This process uses heat to transfer your artwork onto the bottle giving a detailed, long lasting print. Dye sublimation bottles have a specific coating on them to ensure a high quality finish. Dye sublimation allows for a full colour print (excluding white), giving you options to create a unique and vibrant bottle. We have a selection of white and silver bottles which can be branded using the dye sublimation process, including our 600ml aluminium bottle with 2 caps in silver and white.

Transfer printing is available on our ‘topflask’ bottle range. These 500ml thermal bottles come in various colours including red and grey. This process is similar to dye sublimation in that it uses heat to apply your artwork to the bottle. Transfer is suited to 1 colour print designs including white. 

We also offer laser engraving for promotional water bottles. This is a process we use on many of our express ranges. The Melo insulated black water bottle is specifically designed for engraving. Having your bottle laser engraved is a permanent and unique way to showcase your brand. We are working on expanding our engravable range of water bottles, if you are interested in having laser engraved promotional water bottles please get in touch with our team and we can help find the perfect bottle for you.

If you need some help with your artwork our in house design team is on hand to assist. Along with our fantastic sales team they will guide you through the process and offer advice on what does and doesn’t work on our water bottles. You will receive an accurate preview for approval before we print any to ensure you are fully happy.

Why Choose a Promotional Water Bottle?

Promotional water bottles are one of the most affordable and effective promotional products to add to your marketing strategy. They are great for all seasons, every sector, and a range of events. 

Promotional water bottles are a great way to get repeated exposure to your brand. Your employees and customers will have something that can be used time and time again. Often they won’t even realise it but they are being exposed to your brand repeatedly, whilst also indirectly sharing it with others.

Water bottles are an environmentally friendly option, choosing more eco-friendly products should be the focus of businesses moving forward. Your branded products are what conveys your company's message to current and future customers. Water bottles have a long life, they are reusable and are much better than the single use plastic alternative.