Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Eco Friendly Promotional Products
19 May 2023
Eco Friendly Promotional Products

There is a huge focus on sustainability at the moment, for both individuals and businesses to start making sustainable decisions to reduce their impact on climate change. As a business we have noticed a shift in the products our customers are interested in, and we have sourced a range of eco-friendly promotional products to help your business show that you are doing your bit to protect our planet.

What does eco-friendly mean?

This is a term we hear a lot, along with words like biodegradable, natural and green, these are all linked with protecting our planet. Eco-friendly means ‘no harm to the environment’, it is a term which can be applied to anything that uses environmentally friendly materials and is produced in a manner that is sustainable and contributes to green living.

What are eco-friendly products made from?

Eco friendly products are typically made from raw or recycled materials, which do not take up natural resources or cause severe damage to the planet. Our eco-friendly range includes pens, drinkware, bags and more. We have products made from a range of materials including bamboo, cork, glass and RPET.

Promotional Bamboo Products

Bamboo is popping up everywhere at the moment, there are tons of everyday products made from it. Bamboo is considered highly sustainable, as it is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, growing much faster than hardwood trees. It is also resilient to pests and diseases. We have several products made from bamboo including our sumo bamboo recyclable trim pen. This pen has a 100% biodegradable bamboo barrel and recycled plastic clip available in 4 colours. We also have the bamboo ballpoint and nash bamboo pen available, each making excellent promotional products for your business

Promotional Cork Products

Cork is a 100% natural material which comes from the bark of a cork oak tree. Unlike wood, cork is stripped from the bark which intime regrows making it 100% renewable and sustainable. Our round cork coaster is a great eco-friendly addition to your marketing strategy. These coasters are lightweight and have a long lifespan, they can be printed in 1 colour.

Promotional Glass Products

Glass is a material which is infinitely recyclable and reusable, reducing waste and saving natural resources. Our Aspen glass water bottle has proven to be a popular choice with customers. The bottle is available in 6 different colours or clear glass each can be printed with your logo.

Promotional RPET Products

One material we will be talking about a lot this year is RPET. PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate. PET can be recycled into an RPET polyester, giving a second life to plastics which often end up in landfill or the ocean. We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of RPET products with the range to continue growing over the coming months. Our RPET drawstring bag is ideal for creating gift bags for events, meetings and shows. This bag is available in multiple colours and can be printed in full colour with your branding.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Products?

Promotional products are extremely effective, they create leads and enquiries for your business. The products you choose say a lot about your business values, by selecting eco-friendly products you are demonstrating a commitment to a green agenda, attracting customers who also care about these issues. Benefits of choosing eco-friendly products also includes

  1. Durability  - our range of environmentally friendly products are made from the highest-quality materials. They are made to be long lasting and reliable.
  2. Affordable - eco friendly products are often cheaper than their counterparts because they are made from recycled materials.
  3. Variety - the number of different products available is ever increasing. Our range includes pens, bottles, coasters, bags and more.
  4. Ethically responsible choice - these products are the right choice for many reasons, they reflect heavily on your company.

Our best selling eco friendly products

We are constantly adding to our range of eco-friendly products. Working hard to source the best quality promotional products. Here are our top 3 best sellers:

  1. Natural 5oz Cotton Shopper -This eco-friendly promotional bag is made from 5 oz natural cotton featuring long handles, a perfect alternative to plastic bags. This bag can be screen printed with your logo in 1-3 colours.
  2. Nash Wheat Straw Chrome Tip Ballpoint Pen -This pen is made from wheat straw material which is left over stalk after wheat grains are harvested. This pen is available in 6 colours with branding printed in 1-4 colours.
  3. Hale Card Pen - This low cost pen has a durable recycled card barrel and recycled plastic trims. Once this pen’s life comes to an end the barrel can be recycled. This pen is available in 5 different colours and can be printed in 1-4 spot colours.