Spotlight On - The Brain Tumour Charity

Spotlight On -  The Brain Tumour Charity
23 March 2020
Spotlight On - The Brain Tumour Charity

This March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month, a month of researching and The Brain Tumour Charity are the world largest dedicated funder of brain tumour research, committing themselves to saving and improving the lives of everybody affected by brain tumours.

Founded in 1996 as the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, the Farnborough-based charity are currently at the forefront of the fight against brain tumours, and aim to make a difference to the lives of those with a tumour, as well as their families and loved ones.The charity work to fund pioneering research to help increase survival rates, raise awareness of the symptoms, and to provide support for all of those affected.     

Brain Tumour Charity - Fundraising Packs

We first started working with this charity in 2015, starting by supplying them with a range of mailing bags. These bags were supplied in 3 different sizes, using a strong polythene combined with a degradable additive to minimise the environmental impact. These bags have been used to send out a wide range of fundraising materials, including those for the Big Bake, and The Twilight Walk.

We are also pleased to have supplied the charity with 3 sizes of stunning crystal awards which they regularly give to people and organisations who have donated. These are all engraved and we supply them in individual presentation boxes. This includes their award for the Young Ambassador of the Year.    

Brain Tumour Charity   

This year, for environmental reasons, the charity has decided to change their usual acrylic awards. Therefore we will be starting to supply them with our Oak Block awards.