Back to School Promotional Products

Back to School Promotional Products
10 July 2023
Back to School Promotional Products

If you work in the education sector you are probably counting down the minutes until your well earned summer break. We know that the hard work doesn’t stop just yet, with many of our customers already focusing on their essentials for next year! If you are looking to get branded items ready to go back to school we have got you covered, be it promotional products for a school, college or university. 

Why Should Your School Create Promotional Products?

Promoting your school's ethos and values is always important to visualise to students and parents to promote your school and foster a sense of belonging and pride for years to come. 

If your school is running awareness initiatives, giveaways can also be a great way to share your school’s message across a wide audience. 

Promotional products can also be used for giving recognition to staff, with items like awards, or corporate gifts which can be personalised with your school's logo. 

Some of our most popular promotional products for schools are detailed below. 


School Branded Lanyards

We have a selection of lanyards to suit your needs with pre-printed lanyards available for ‘staff',‘student’ and ‘visitor’, each in a range of colours. You could get your own printed lanyards with various colours, thicknesses and materials available.

A great low cost option is our flat 10mm polyester lanyards. These are available in 9 different colours with 1 colour print available. An excellent way to kit out the team. Take a different approach with one of our more sustainable material options with the 20mm bamboo lanyard in a white/cream colour available with a 1 colour print. For something really colourful you can have our recycled PET lanyard, made from recycled plastic available with a logo or image with a full colour dye sub print.

In addition to our varied range of lanyards we have a selection of lanyard accessories available. These are the ideal finishing touches including card holders, pull reels and G clips. 

Stationery Branded With Your School Logo

Stationery is an absolute must in the education sector. We have a range of branded stationery and stationery sets available ahead of going back to school in September.

Get classrooms ready with our range of wooden stationery products including printed wooden pencil sharpeners and rulers in various lengths, including 20 cm and 30 cm. We also have a 12pc wooden pencil set which would be ideal for group work with each one presented in a printed storage box making it easy to keep the sets together. 

Pens are a really popular promotional product for schools, with a huge selection of pens available to ensure you are covered for the upcoming school year. Our range includes printed plastic pens, eco friendly and premium engraved pens. The contour extra ballpoint pen is a great cost effective choice for the stationery cupboard and any events throughout the year. These are available in a range of colours with 2-colour printing. 

For staff or student achievement awards, special birthdays, anniversaries or retirements, one of our express engraved pens would be ideal. With brands such as Parker, Cross and Waterman each one is carefully engraved with your chosen logo or wording, making excellent and practical gifts for fellow colleagues.

School Branded Water Bottles

Kit out this year's athletes with matching printed water bottles. We have a selection of sports bottles available perfect for sports teams when training and competing throughout the year. 

When getting ready for next year's sports competitions you must be considering keeping everyone involved hydrated throughout. Getting printed water bottles is a great way to encourage hydration, prevent losses and share your institution with a wider community in an indirect way. 

Our gip 300ml water bottle is an excellent compact option that can easily be carried around. As this bottle is available with 11 different coloured lids and 4 colour print you can easily match school colours. For something a little bigger we have the olympic 750ml sports bottle available with full colour print and a variety of colours.

For school staff they may appreciate something a little more elegant, such as a metal bottle, which keeps drinks cooler for longer while they go about the busy work day. Our 600ml aluminium white water bottle comes with 2 cap options and is available with full colour print. This bottle is also in our express range meaning you can get it for as little as 10 bottles and dispatched within 48 hours.

What Else is Available?

As well as everything already mentioned we have a whole load of extra promotional products that are ideal in the education sector as giveaways. Our range includes teddy bears, drawstring bags, mugs and everything you would need for any upcoming events.

Products we would recommend: