Spotlight On - University of Gloucestershire

Cheers Team Glos etched Steel Straws
14 September 2020
Spotlight On - University of Gloucestershire

This week, many students across the country will be starting back to University and, whilst that may look very different to the way it looked this time last year, it is still important to celebrate the achievements of our young people after their summer of uncertainty.

That is why we have decided to dedicate this week’s Customer Spotlight to Higher Education, making this week’s customer spotlight the University of Gloucestershire. Here’s what we did for them;

The University of Gloucestershire is a university with sustainability at its heart, looking to protect the planet through a variety of community actions, climate strikes, smart living, and research. Last year, the University of Gloucestershire was ranked as the most sustainable university in the country by the student money website, Save The Student. This was based on their performance in 13 key categories, including ethical investments, environmental policy, carbon and water reduction, and the education for sustainable development. Their ranking was also backed by the People and Planet University League who also placed UoG at the top of their table. The university has invested heavily in its ethical responsibilities and sustainable practices, including fully divesting from fossil fuels, droping carbon emissions by 46%, removing disposable cups from campuses, and being a Fairtrade University since 2006.

The environmental accreditations that the University has attained have become a great draw for students looking to help contribute to positive climate change. Therefore, it is no surprise that the university chose to welcome its new 2020/21 cohort by sending them their own reusable straw set, complete with an eco-friendly hessian pouch. We provided the University with a set of two stunningly sleek metal straws made of high quality, food grade stainless steel, complete with a branded pouch and a specialised cleaning brush.

UoG Twitter Images

Each steel straw has been etched with the phrase #CheersTeamGlos, helping students share their university acceptance news across social media with fellow new students. This is particularly important given the current climate regarding coronavirus which has significantly limited traditional Freshers Week celebrations, and so the hashtag provides another way for students to interact with each other.This is also repeated on the pouch, alongside the university’s logo, helping students keep their reusable straws safe and clean between uses, whilst also allowing for further promotion of the university. The use of the hashtag in the design of both the straw and pouch has also allowed students to share images of their gift online, further promoting the university and it’s environmental credentials.  

UoG Insta Images

Our Metal Straws were a great way for students to receive their first glimpse of life at the university, exemplifying the university’s core values, whilst also providing students with a gift that they can use throughout their time at the university. These metal straws can all be engraved on our new in-house engraving machine, alongside our range of luxury pens and other engraved products