Direct Mail Campaigns

Does direct mail support digital campaigns or is it the other way around? The debate continues!

One thing that we do know is that our really successful customers tend to embrace most advertising channels and direct mail can provide a great ROI, particularly for those clients with larger average order values. We enjoy working with agencies and supporting their creative strategies. Plus we also work directly with several retail and mail order brands making our own creative suggestions in terms innovative mail pack designs and maximising their ROI by improving their customer data.    

We've created mail-packs that include radio jingles, contain secret chocolate gifts and even created a bespoke leather scent for one well known car manufacturer that when opened wanted their mail-piece to smell like the inside of a brand new car!

If you want to know more about improving your ROI from bulk mailings or more targeted personalised mailers, please contact us and we'll happily share some of our recent successes!