Spotlight On - EggSlut

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Spotlight On - EggSlut
By Nicola Samples 24 February 2020

Eggslut was first founded in 2011 in Los Angeles by Alvin Cailan and Jeff Vales. The idea was born out of fine dining, and inspired by a love for eggs. The unusual name originates from a term used to refer to chefs during the 00's who would put eggs on a lot of their dishes, and is egg-celent for grabbing attention. From a West Hollywood food truck, the company has now opened up an additional 7 locations.  Each location serves up an egg-centric menu of sandwiches, salads, and speciality dishes, including their namesake dish - Slut.


Eggslut has formulated their menu around a balance of comfort and innovation. This forms a celebration of food which is designed to appeal to both novice and extreme foodies. The food of Eggslut adds a twist to classic comfort food, all centred around one key ingredient: eggs. Elevating eggs from their role as a breakfast staple, Eggslut aim to make eggs appetising all day, every day. In fact, they aim to make their food less of a meal, and more of an experience. This includes a focusing on great taste, egg-ceptional quality, stellar presentation, and customer service. 

The grand opening of EggSlut's new Portobello Road location began with a special VIP launch event. The event set out introducing a wide range of influencers to the signature dishes at Eggslut, and their Instagrammable decor. Certainly, this decor takes centre stage on the companies own Instagram account, and the hashtags #eggsontheregs and #eggslut were popularised during the event.

As a part of their opening, we produced these vibrant yellow rope handle carrier bags to carry their specially curated range of exclusive merchandise. These laminated gift bags proved to be the perfect addition at the event, with the vibrant yellow print standing out on the streets of London, highlighting the bright white egg in the centre, and Eggslut's signature serif font.